Monday, 6 December 2010


Just got back from my new doctor and she's lovely.  Boys had the 1st of their 3 Hep B vaccinations and they were sooo brave. I was a bit worried after the swine flu jab disaster last year. Jamie got his second speeding ticket of his life. His first one was in Australia in 2005 when we were on holiday here and this last one is from when my parents were here. Only 10 k over the limit and $150 lighter... boohoo.
It's warming up again.. 25 today but will be around 30 in the weekend. That's good as we're going to Adventure World ( Woodside organises a family fun day). It looks like a massive park with water slides and much more. Went to the gym again this morning, tonight out for dinner with Urmila and Tamar, Thursday a coffee morning (that sounds soo "expat") at Noor's house. Only met her a few times. Will be nice as I will hopefully meet some new people. Thursday night out with the mums from Willem's kindy and that's how the days fly by now...

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