Sunday, 5 December 2010

Party, party party

A lovely weekend full of parties. It started with an "away day" for Jamie with work, then a party at ours. It was really relaxed as I managed to get the house and the food ready before everyone arrived so I got to enjoy it too. About 25 people turned up, mingled very well on our balcony. It was fun! The boys were brilliant and just went to bed at 7, didn't wake us up till 8 (we agreed, I put breakfast out for them already). Then Willem and Frank were invited for a birthday party from one of Willem's classmates. It's a pity I now finally get to know the mums a little (and some of them are really nice) and then Willem will change school.. but hopefully the new school will have some nice mums too! In the afternoon we all went down to the Swan river. Jamie and Johannes were going to sail the Catamaran and Tamar and the kids just enjoyed chatting and playing at the riverside. The wind was quite gusty and the boat capsized once and it took quite a bit of effort to get it back up!
Today, Sunday, the whole day was about Sinterklaas. He arrived around 9.30 at the jetty in Claremont (on the river) on a flash cruiser boat. Then there was a very well organised party by the Dutch School. In the afternoon Sinterklaas dropped off two bags of presents at our house too! The boys got a waterslide, some super soakers and surfboards. I got a hat, a book and a new sheet. Jamie got some shorts, a rash vest and a bottle of port. It was a lovely weekend. Curious for some photos? Follow the link:

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