Monday, 5 March 2012

Camping again...

Hi, it's been a while. Life's been good and busy here. Summer has ended but autumn has started hot. 38 degrees today! Work is good. I am so enjoying being a teacher again. I teach three small groups (3/4 year olds) and we've been working on "the very hungry caterpillar" and now we've just started a project about traffic. I just love summer in Perth. Outdoor cinema, concerts etc. We've been to see Icehouse in Kingspark, Ross Noble the comedian in an old theatre in Subiaco. I've got a Blues 'n Roots festival soon with John Forgerty headlining, tickets for John Butler. We've had a couple of parties recently. Also a  farewell one. Always a big negative of our life abroad. Lovely friends have moved to Kazachstan.
The 17th of February was an exciting day as a small (2) film crew came to film me. There's this programme about Zeeuwen Down Under. I am a Zeeuw (some one from my region back home) and they found me on facebook. Very nice people, the crew, and they filmed me at work and at home, on the beach etc. It will be on the telly the end of this month!!! Frank is loving school. What a difference with Kindy last year. He feels a big Pre-Primary boy now and tells us a lot of what he's been doing at school. Singing all the songs. Willem is also happy in his split year1/2 class. He just finds everything too easy. Maybe it's time to have a chat about it. The teacher has already said he's clever and sometimes get's the answer faster than the year 2 students. Last weekend we went camping in the bush near Margaret river. It was great! Possums on my shoulder, stingrays at our feet. Great 4wheel driving and stunning beaches