Sunday, 30 October 2011


What a lovely relaxing weekend it was. The boys don't really realise how lucky they are to live in a country so beautiful as this. All that space, warm ocean, whales just swimming past. It is just spectacular.
Especially as there were no flies (they can really ruin places like this). And of course it was good to have my friend Katja there too!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another milestone reached!

Making the most of my "Frank only" days before he goes to school full time next year...
Super proud!

Busy weekend

It started with cleaning and food shopping on a thundery Saturday morning. Then to the gym for a good hour of body attack and then to Michelle, a mum from school who spent an hour and a half on my hair and make up for Noor's (my gym friend) 40th birthday party. It was a girls only frock party in her house. Around 50 women all dressed up having cosmopolitans and champagne. We went for a drink in The Stanley afterwards. We all chipped in and Noor's close friends made a book full of vouchers for all her favourite shops and reastaurants. It was a lovely but it also made me feel kind of sad. In this life where everyone moves away all the time it is difficult to find true/real friendships. It's not something I've chosen, it just comes with the oil industry. And I feel that I've neglected some of my friendships back home (or where ever they are..all over the world) So plan: I am going to do better and if you receive a phone call, a card and or a (email)letter in the near future, you know you matter to me a lot! I do have a couple of true friends here too, don't get me wrong. I am not lonely or anything, it just made me value friendships even more. Do I make sense? Anyhow, This morning we had a children's book event in Kings Park organised by the Dutch School. Really nice, a kind of hunt where the children met book characters and had to do some tasks to win letters. The letters made a word and with that they could "win" a bookmark. Sausage sizzle to finish off.. lovely. To  the beach in the afternoon for an hour or so and then to Renate, a Dutch girl I have met quite a few times but wished I made a little bit more effort and she's really nice but now they're leaving. But it was BBQ with good food and some nice people..
Hope you had a good weekend too!

 Michelle's creation
ready for the party!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


This week I went to work for the first time in nearly 3 years. I was just assisting so didn't need to prepare. My friend Marloes had prepared a fantastic lesson about heroes (theme of the Dutch children's book week) and I really like being there now so I get a very good idea of the level of the children (that will help me for next year when I am teaching myself). In total this week I work 4 mornings with the little ones and I also covered Wilna the head teacher with for 2 hours teaching individual children. Normally I will only work 2 mornings this term.  Last weekend we had a great time in Dwellingup (1,5 hours southeast of Perth) camping in the woods with 11 families from Willem's class. Kids got on like a house on fire and there was a lot of "adult time" too. It was nice to get to know the other families better and the surroundings are so lovely and peaceful there. Photos are already on Picasa.
On Sunday we had a taste of summer, 35 degrees so we went to the beach. Australia lost the rugby from the all blacks...
Last night was the first meeting of the book club I've started. Not everyone could make it and not everyone finished the book (The potato Factory by Bryce Courtenay) but it was a successful, fun evening and we've got lots of good books on the list to read. Gym this morning (my only free day this week!) and
I went to see my friend Urmila in hospital as she has just given birth to another baby boy!
This weekend we're just here. It's the rugby final, children's book week activities for the boys organised by the Dutch School, a 40th birthday party from Noor for me.. so lots to do..

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Camping trips

Last weekend we went camping in the wheatbelt, Dryandra woodlands. Supposedly full of wildlife which we didn't see unfortunately, but we had a lovely time in the woods. Really interesting and beautiful trees like the Brown Mallet and Kwongan. The boys roasted marshmellows in the fire and it was warm and peaceful. This weekend summer will arrive... 32 degrees predicted for Sunday. We're off camping again, this time in Dwellingup. We've been there a few times but this one will be on a different campsite: a site for groups and with a big group we will be! Around 10 families of Willem's Pre-Primary class should all be there on Saturday night! We're going for 2 nights. Looking forward to it! This Wednesday I went to see the film The Hunter with a couple of women. I enjoyed the film especially the Tasmanian landscape. Another destination added to the wish list! Next week I start working, 4 mornings assisting with the Dutch Nursery and a couple of hours individual teaching. This term I will work just 2 mornings as an assistant, which is easy! Will have my first team meeting on Tuesday too! Feels quite strange and exciting to be part of a school team again..Yesterday I found out some friends are leaving in March. Still the biggest drawback of our life in the oil industry. Next Wednesday is the first meeting of the bookclub I've started. Around 10 women! We read the Potato Factory by Bryce Courtenay which is all about English Convicts arriving in Hobart, Tasmania early 1900's. Interesting and gruesome too! Quite curious what the others think too..
Willem is still crazy about his wii. I can't believe how quickly he managed to be soooo good at it as well! Frank started painting a lot. Right, will have to start packing the car now! Have a good weekend too!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Slades

This week Jenny, Duncan, Joe, Jim and Jack came over for a week from Sydney. They arrived 7 hours late because their flight was cancelled and had to travel via Adelaide. Willem and Frank were very excited and it was lovely to have them here and show them how and where we live. We were very lucky with the weather and had some lovely days on various beaches. The wii (which was Willem's birthday present from Auntie Jacqui, Uncle Andrew and Sam, and Eddie) was very popular and the boys had so much fun together. It's quiet again now, in the house. Hopefully we get the chance to see them again in Sydney or somewhere else in Australia next year.

We still have a week holidays left. Hopefully we can go camping this weekend.