Sunday, 14 November 2010

camp spot


What a lovely weekend! We drove to Dwellingup yesterday, a small town about an hour and a half south east of Perth. There's an old railway line and the town has a really nice feel to it, on the edge of the Jarrah woods. Nearby is Lanes Poole Reserve, a Jarrah forest with the Murray River going through it. It's organised really well with various camping possibilities: for groups and for individuals. We found a lovely secluded spot near the river. It really felt like you were on your own. We put up the tent with help from the boys and just had a really relaxing time pottering about near the river or the creek. The boys are fantastic to take out on trips now as they help out, don't moan and find something fun to do where ever they are! They also went to sleep right away in their new sleeping bags and slept all night till 6.30! Next time we go here again we'll try canoeing!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


It's warm here. 30 + degrees. A lot of beach and today a couple of hours in this lovely outdoor swimming pool. Yesterday I managed to get my first dent in the car by reversing into a friend at the car park after picking up the boys from the Dutch playgroup. It was a joined effort: she reversed into me as well! Result: badly dented bumper and a side panel that probably needs replacing. Will get a quote soon but will get a second one from a panel beater as it would be good if we could get round the insurance      (no claim bonus will stay unaffected then). Bit of a bummer... wasn't a happy girl yesterday. Shame cause I'd had a good morning doing body attack with Evelien, one of the other mums from the Dutch school. Very good instructors and joined the gym immediately as you can just buy a 20x card...This afternoon I'm going to Tamar for a swim in her pool with the boys and her girls (it's 36 degrees today) and will meet Jamie at 5 on the beach. Willem is suddenly not afraid of the waves anymore. He loves them now and spends all of his time on the beach in the water. What a change! This weekend we have a birthday dinner party on Sat night and a 1st birthday kids party on Sunday. Last weekend we spend most of our time on the beach and had a halloween BBQ in the park with some friends. Willem and Frank think it's very strange you celebrate halloween during the day. A lot of trick or treaters came round as well, all still in day light. It's dark here around 7pm, so not that late but later than in Europe in winter. Told them a lot of things happen during the day here.. told them Sinterklaas has a "present afternoon" rather than evening. At least then they have the chance to play with their toys. Veggie garden is doing ok.. you can see some small beans growing! Hope all is well far away!