Sunday, 6 November 2011

Whale Watching and Rottnest Island

We had a busy, lovely weekend. Saturday we had Lukas' 2nd birthday party (Urmila's son) and then we had a yummy BBQ at my friend Corinne's house.  Corinne is married to Ed, an Aussie en also Bart was there with his Aussie wife Heidi. 4 girls and our 2 boys and they got on so well! We are hoping to go camping all together the end of November.
It was a rainy day, but they had a fire so it was nice and cosy still outside.

 Ed and the fire.. time for whisky..

 Bart, Ed and Jamie
 The kids
Around the fire..

Later that night I had invited a girl called Inge over. I've met her once and really liked her. She's a dancer and has just finished her teaching degree here (masters of education) and needed help with her CV. Her husband came along and that was really nice too. I have just registered for her African dance class with Michelle, the sculptress from Willem's school and another girl called Anje. I actually met her in the Panta Rhei in Vlissingen this summer and she lives here now with her husband. Think it'll be fun and a good work out and so I will get to know Inge better too!

On Friday I went to a place called the Jazz Cellar with Anje and Peronne (she's leaving for Singapore in January, boohoo) which was fantastic! It's only open on a Friday and you have to be there before 6pm other wise it'll be full. Only a 100 people are allowed in. You go down steps in a (fake) telephone box and then we were met by some 70+ old men. He gave us 3 wine glasses. The rest (food and drink) you need to bring yourself. You find yourself a small table and around 7 pm the band comes on. Also 65+ year olds with their trumpets and trombones. Within no time everyone is dancig. Us included. King Louie from Junglebook, Oh when the Saints.. etc. Great and around 10.30pm they kick you out!
Totally loved it, so quirky. Full of young and old people having a great time!

And today we went whale watching, organised by Jamie's work woodside. We saw sooo many! Jumping out of the water and quite close to the boat. You can see the photos on Picasa. The boat then dropped us at Rottnest Island where we met the Quokkas again and played on the beach. It was a cool day, but it didn't rain. Another great memory!

Hope you had a good weekend too!
Some photos of the jazz cellar: