Monday, 9 February 2009

Well, that's it then... the end of the blog Down Under, as we are not going Down Under anymore... We are desperately sad but the credit crunch has also reached Australia and the oil price is low.. Jamie got a phone call last week Tuesday morning to say there's simply no guaranteed work... We went to Burn O'Vat here in Deeside this weekend to enjoy the snow and we comforted ourselves with the thought the boys can't experience this in Perth. See

Hopefully there will be another opportunity soon...

Friday, 23 January 2009


No sign of our visa yet. Last thing we heard is that they lost my chest X-ray. We're expecting the visa by the end of the month and then things will move fast. Hopefully we can fly out around the middle of March. Have started to sort things out though. Trying to get our flat ready to rent out. Some DIY and so on. Also managed to get a letter of good conduct from the Police and our sollicitor organised certified copies of my diplomas so I can register as a teacher in Australia. Removal company came round to check how long they will take to pack and gave me some bad news. I will not be able to take my camel bag from Oman and my Omani baskets, shells and other natural stuff... They are incredibly fussy. We also have to clean our tents, bikes, boots and outdoor toys with a high pressure cleaner to make sure there's no earth on it at all. They're scared of bugs.. Luckily I won a high pressure cleaner in a pub quiz in Holland a while ago! Willem is looking forward to the move. His best friend Carmen has moved there already. He is a little bit worried about the snakes, spiders and sharks but overall looking forward to warm weather and the beach! Anyway, will keep you all posted about what happens to us this year!