Monday, 28 February 2011

Well, you live in Australia or you don't!

My first surf lesson with a bunch of fun Dutch ladies! It was so much better than I anticipated and will definitely do it again! Waves were big though and I only managed to stand up twice (and only just). The ocean is so lovely and warm now and no jellyfish and no sharks!!!

Willem can read!

Friday, 25 February 2011


It's been a while since I posted something, so I owe you an update. Life's been pretty good here. Hot but I am not complaining. What has happened.. hm.. guess the main thing is that the boys have started school. City Beach Primary, around a 5 min walk. Frank goes to Kindy, 2 days a week and Willem has started Pre-Primary, 5 days a week. They both enjoy going and seem to have fun. My 1st impression of the school is very good. Friendly parents, lots happening. Already been to a lecture about preventing literacy problems and they also organised a welcome disco which was really nice. I have also volunteered as class representative which means I attend the parent council meetings, keep everyone informed and organise social events so everyone can get to know each other. Also have already been on a couple of play dates and Willem is invited for a B'day party on Sunday. All good. Frank still goes to Dutch playgroup on Tuesday mornings and Willem has Dutch lessons in a small group on Thursday afternoon. Then there's swimming lessons so you can imagine the weeks fly past!
What have I been doing.. I have lodged my application to become a registered teacher here in WA. Unfortunately they need more information from my old teacher training. My mum managed to get most of it but my list with grades has gone missing. Hopefully they will settle without that document.
I have been going to the gym a lot: body attack, zumba, body pump and boxing. Have also been running but this week it was really too hot. Last week I ran 3.5k in hilly bold park in 31 degrees and I kept dripping afterwards. Normally we meet with a group of women at Lake Monger and run round the lake once or twice but like I said, this week with 37 degrees we canceled. We have been going to the outdoor cinema twice, to True Grit and Certified Copy. Was really nice. It's always nice to go out with Jamie. Went once with the girls too, to The Tourist. See quite a lot of my friends at the gym or I meet up with them somewhere. Today Katja and I went to Fremantle again and the kids played in the river. Was really nice. Monday I have my first surf lesson with a bunch of Dutch women. Should be a laugh! Busy day on Monday anyway as I am meeting a friend for lunch as well and decided to join Katja in the evening at Bikram Yoga. She promised me it is a proper work out. Guess you sweat a lot without doing anything as the room is set at 40 degrees! Last week we went for a day to Moore river, an hour up the coast. It's lovely there as the river meets the sea. Tomorrow Evelien, another friend, comes round with her husband and two boys for a drink and a simple meal. Next week Jamie's mum and her friend Alan arrive. Will be busy but it's always nice having visitors as you get out a bit more! Jamie's out tonight with his colleagues. What else.. we're at the beach a lot but that's no surprise! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 3 February 2011


TRAIN played in Kings Park yesterday night (INXS were the main act). Katja and I were looking forward to it sooo much. It's been a while since I've been to see a band I really, really wanted to see. I think TRAIN are an amazing band and they didn't dissappoint. In fact, they were brilliant. Really chatty, genuine, obviously passionate about their music. They seemed to have soo much fun up there. Pat Monahan is the lead singer and I've never really thought anything of him, but he looked surprisingly good in his tight green trousers! He invited some girls on stage to dance but we were too late... :(
We sang and danced. INXS were good too but I've seen them before, with Michael Hutchence and it just isn't the same without him. Although most of the crowd seemed to really like the new lead singer JD. INXS' performance was just more of a show; their job and TRAIN just seemed to be genuinely happy to be there. Guess Oz is far from a band from San Fransisco.

The venue was great too, in Kings Park and it was a lovely summer evening. It's just very organised (like everything in Australia) with designated picnic places and lots of deck chairs and a gold member part in plastic chairs right in front of the stage. We were in the "standing only dance area"on the right hand side of the stage and had a real good view! Jamie had dropped us off and Katja and I decided to walk home to her house after the concert. But Kings Park is big and dark and we got lost. Luckily we caught a taxi after an hour of wandering around. We had a good chat though and so far this has been of the best evenings I've had for ages.