Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Outdoor Film Festival

Last night we went to outdoor film festival on the University grounds. What a beautiful setting amongst the trees. Perfect evening for it: 22 degrees and no wind. Jamie went there straight from work around 6, so he could reserve some seats at the front. Matthew, our 16 year old Dutch baby sitter who lives around the corner, came and joined us for a pizza. He put the boys to bed which apparently all went very well. So I arrived around 6.45. It's so lovely. Everyone is having a picnic on the grass, some wine or beer. Really relaxed. At 8 o'clock you move to your chair (you're also allowed just to lie on the grass and watch it. Some romantic souls were doing that). It was a Chinese re-make of "blood simple" a film from the famous Coen Brothers, called A woman a gun and a noodle shop. It was very off beat and we wondered if this film would appeal to Chinese people at all. Beautifully shot, scenery, costumes. A bit of slapstick humour, cruel and  entertaining. We've got more tickets and there's plenty more interesting films to come. Most of them are foreign, from Russia or the Czech republic, France, Italy etc. Also got tickets for a band called Cat Power who will play in January at the Quarry Amphitheatre which is just 5 minutes from here. So all good!
Soon we're flying to the Netherlands for Christmas and New Year in England. It'll be cold but am looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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