Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I realised I never wrote about Powderfinger. Last week Friday night we went out to the city to see this iconic Aussie Rock band. Sue and Gareth got us tickets and we met them there. Powderfinger never made it outside Australia and I'd never heard of them (just fancied a night out and I always like going to see bands). I'd found a babysitter, Matthew, a Dutch 16 year old boy who lives round the corner. The boys met him the week before and really like him. It was such a great night out! The concert was in the Supreme Court Gardens, in the city near the river. The band was really good, easy music (sing along songs) and the crowd just loved them. What a noise they made. Good atmosphere and the best bit I found was that the band enjoyed it so much too. The drummer laughing and just giving it away. Cute singer too!
Hopefully I get to go out again on Friday. Katja, Simone and I talked about going to the cinema....

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