Monday, 20 September 2010

Penguin Island

This Sunday we went to Penguin Island, a small island off the coast of Rockingham, a town about 50 km south of Perth. We didn't see any wild penguins as they are all out at sea catching fish for their young who are well hidden in the bushes. We did see some rescued ones during a feed by the rangers. They are tiny! Apparently you can see the penguins in December or January when they loose their feathers and can't swim. We will definitely go back then. Anyhow, it is a lovely, relaxing island with lots of birds like these terns. Lots of shrieking seagulls who foolishly build their nests (with eggs and chicks) right beside the boardwalk. We also saw pelicans and king skinks. Beautiful blue sea. Unfortunately Willem has developed a real fear of the big waves and when we had to walk across a narrow beach with big waves he got a panic attack. Screaming, crying.. dead scared. Poor boy. At the other side of the island the sea was calm and then he runs in and out happily...

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