Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Holiday in Europe

The end of June I flew with the boys to the Netherlands. The flight was easy. I had a 4 hour stopover in Singapore between 9pm and 1 am and assumed it would be difficult with the boys at that time but they were brilliant. Fantastic travellers..
Toke and Wim collected us from Schiphol in the morning and it was soo good to be back! It had been a whole year! The 2 weeks were quickly filled with lots of lovely social events. A wedding, a weekend to Amsterdam, trip to Amersfoort and lots of nights out with friends.
The boys had the BEST time with opa and oma

After 2 weeks Jamie arrived and we had a weekend away in Aberdeen. It was great to be back and meet up with all our friends. Aberdeen hadn't changed at all and I could imagine us living back in Scotland again.

 The weather wasn't the best but it could've been a lot worse as well. We still managed to get out and about. Oranje Zon was frequently visited.

 The boys love the fair!

And a night out with Ozzie friends Evelien and Lilith!

 We also managed to squeeze in 4 days in England to see Jamie's family. Always good to see them and Willem and Frank had a great time with their cousins.

4 weeks fly past... Why is Perth so far away!

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