Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Toke and Wim

My parents left 2 days ago. We had a brilliant 3 weeks and it was fun to show them where we live now and what life is like over here.
We also explored a lot more of WA. We went inland to York, in the Wheat belt. It's an old farming town and was the last stop before the goldfields and has still lots of old buildings. We also visited Mundaring Weir, where the water pipe line starts which still runs to the gold fields, 600 km east.
The last weekend we went to Rottnest, an island just off the coast (we can see it from our balcony). Willem de Vlamingh was the first to set foot on the island and thought it was full of rats but they are quokkas, really cute marsupials. No cars are allowed on the island so everyone travels by foot or bike. It has 63 idyllic white sand beaches. It's also full of Dugites, very poisonous snakes. My mum nearly cycled over one. It raised it's head but my mum raised her feet too! so no harm done.. pfew!
We also went to Fremantle a few times, visited the prison and a shipwreck museum which had the story and remnants of the Dutch ship Batavia. Toke and Wim enjoyed the weather, all the new plants and animals but mostly spending time with Willem and Frank.
The house is empty now and the boys were really sad. Luckily there's a lot of things to look forward to and Christmas is not too far away. Hopefully we get to book some flights today!

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