Tuesday, 10 August 2010


A little drizzle today. Not enough to stay inside though. But they say more rain is to come. Yesterday the boys went to the Dutch Playgroup again and I went for a run along the river. Main goal was to register us with the health insurance but I'd forgotten the visa papers so it was a waste of a trip and will have to go again. In the afternoon we went to Kings Park where we met Marloes and her two boys. I'd never met Marloes before but we have mutual friends as she also worked in London and Aberdeen. We chatted for 3 hours and the 4 boys had a good time together chasing the big black crows around the park. Today Willem is at Kindy again and Frank and I went to see Tamar, which was lovely as well. Frank played nicely with Thirza, Tamar's other daughter who is 2 and a half now. It's great to know people here already, otherwise  I would've felt very lost now Jamie's not here. He has had a couple of very wet and cold days out there in Queensland but seems to be enjoying the trip!

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