Thursday, 29 July 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Guess we are quite spoilt... was just thinking of all the choices we have. I mean, having choice is already fantastic, right? Do we want Ocean views or a swimming pool? Do we want space or do we want to be close to the shops and restaurants. Hopefully I will view one more property today and then it's decision time... Will try and post some photos soon!

Met up with my friend Urmila and her gorgeous baby Lukas in Cottesloe. A bit breezy on the coast, but the ocean looked beautiful. Then back home to see some more houses. Jamie liked the one in City Beach as well. We drove around the neighbourhood a bit and gosh, the houses there! Huge mansions with roman pillars and archways. Multi millionaires I'd say. Biggest drawback of the house would be the lack of shops and restaurants around. We saw another nice house in Mosman Park, a suburb north of Fremantle, between the river and the sea, but it's a bit too far from Jamie's work. And now another one has come on the market today which I will have a look at in Wembley. We will keep you posted.

Today I am going to try and find a space for Willem and Frank in Kindergarten and a space for Willem to start pre primary in February. Difficult if you don't know where you live....but closing date is today...

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